Makmel knots  yacht club jewelry


Makmel knots yacht club jewelry


We all live in relationships, 

some of them  tight some of them loose some of them short And some are long relationships.

Relationships that are inherent in us or those that have swept us on into the journey of life.

The universe is constantly connecting us, to relationships of all kinds for his reasons.

Family, friendship, body-to-soul infatuation.


And that will remains a Mysterious to me and     

  Amazes me every single time ...



started to build at spring time and it took me a while to have it all perfectly made up.

the collection symbolize all kinds of connections/ of knots...

the light ones, the one that swept into our life's and the infinite ones... that symbolizes the family or the one that we choose to remain with us for eternity .

the inspiration leaning on two subjects.

the one is nautical , actually  the seaman’s 

when I was at school I’ve learned the sailors skills , among that I’ve been practicing with all kind of knots, and that remind within me till that day!

the second is the thought of me becoming a new mom, and the new kind of relationship I’m gonna build with my daughter... the infinite one... the one that turned my husband and I to a family.


Makmel jewelry sea knots handmade

“ let yourself find the perfect reflection...  to fall in love... to feel and to be loved ... 

because after all this is the essence of it all. “


Tal Makmel 


Makmel handmade jewelry knots yacht club







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