Sustainable fashion

Sustainable fashion

What you order is what we make 


When I’ve Started my own business I knew that the main thing that was so important for me was to preserve the authentically which comes within hand made pieces,  just as my father my grandfather and my great grandfather used to make, all by their hands (instead of an outside factory) so they could really preserve their handmade and signature in the jewelry. you can see and feel the hands that make those pieces.

somethings so fabulous about it is that you can pay attention to the smallest details , to be able to personalized the pieces and achieved everything literally everything that you want .

When you make each piece by your hands You give each piece personality. One cannot be the same as the other and I believe this is the beauty of handmade pieces.

The quantity wasn’t an issue but the quality of each piece we have made as well as the attention to detail, to insure that each customer gets the best quality product they dreamed of.

Makmel -sustainable development -handmade jewelry

When working with expensive materials such as silver and gold you always have the option to recycled your metal and start all over again, but when you have a large amount of stock you may waste more material and the fewer modifications can be made to each jeweler, what makes it harder for us to create a special piece for each customer.

My goals are to create sustainable jewelry, timeless, handmade unique pieces that will stay here for generations to come, differentiate myself from trends by having my own unique style. And staying true to how I will always be; the little girl that was always against mainstream and wished for the better quality and not the quantity.

Tal Makmel. 

Makmel design -sustainable fashion-slow living-handmade jewelry

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