The Greek Medallion Collection

The Greek Medallion Collection


Come along with me, as I take you back in time to Ancient Greece with Makmels new Greek Coins Collection.  

The new collection is inspired by my family history, my travels around the world, places I have visited and my connection with the ocean. 

Just like treasures from the sea, the coins hold the power of mystery, each necklaces is special and unique. 


When I got pregnant with my baby girl I've stared thinking about my family history and our Greek roots, I thought about what will be the best way to show her our culture and history. 

I'm of course better in creating things then writing them down so... 

My great grandparents came from Greece, and I always had a deep connection to the Greek culture and people, they remind me of the Israelis mentality, warm and welcoming people that will do everything for each other.


The new designs are beautiful handmade coin jewelry inspired by ancient Greek coins and my family history.


All the medallions have a different meaning and history.



Athena and the Little Owl

Athena was a Greek goddess and one of her symbols was the little owl, together they were a symbol for wisdom, knowledge, perspicacity and erudition. 


King of Macedonia and his Horse

Beautiful ancient coin of the Macedonian King, Philip II and a horse rider on the reverse. The medallion show the power of the king at this time and him victory. 


Alexander the Great and Zeus 

Small unique ancient coin "Tetradrachm" Portraying Alexander the Great wearing the head of the Nemean Lion as a helmet, on the reverse side Zeus sits on his throne holding a scepter and an eagle.  


I prefer wearing them all together as layers, the medallions will be perfect for everyday t-shirt or for an evening outfit. 



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