Summer time stack

Summer time stack

Chances of weather and how does it affect our fingers sizes. It might be relevant for Israel at the moment but this post is worth to read and keep🤍

During summer time the Humidity level claims up and our blood vessels expanding,

You might feel it right on your fingers, all of a sudden your beloved ring is too tight !

So let me tell you that: it’s not the metal that changed it’s our body!

What can we do?

  1. Cool your body- make a cold water shower, that way your blood vessels will shrink.
  2. Avoid sleep with your rings - during sleep time our body rest and our blood vessel expended, so when you wake up you can feel and see this effect on your face and fingers as well, it might be so hard to take the rings off.
  3. Change the location of the rings- play a little bit with your rings and find them a different finger for the hot summer days. You might be surprised of the new combination you will create.
  4. Use a stopper ring- you find the perfect finger for the ring but now the size is too big? A narrow ring will do the job! Just stack them and close the deal with the stopper ring on top! Btw this ring can use you at winter times from other to falls.


We all go through changes, some of use feels it more and some less, remember there is always a way to do it 🤍


Idea for stopper rings - click here

Makmel design- silver and gold stack ring

Silver and gold rings -Makmel jewelry

Makmel design- stack ring silver and gold - summer by the sea

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