Summer time stack

Summer time stack

Chances of weather and how does it affect our fingers sizes. It might be relevant for Israel at the moment but this post is worth to read and keep🤍

During summer time the Humidity level claims up and our blood vessels expanding,

You might feel it right on your fingers, all of a sudden your beloved ring is too tight !

So let me tell you that: it’s not the metal that changed it’s our body!

What can we do?

  1. Cool your...

Sustainable fashion

Sustainable fashion

What you order is what we make 


When I’ve Started my own business I knew that the main thing that was so important for me was to preserve the authentically which comes within hand made pieces,  just as my father my grandfather and my great grandfather used to make, all by their hands (instead of an outside factory) so they could really preserve their handmade and signature in the jewelry. you can see and feel the hands that make those pieces.

somethings so fabulous about it is that you can pay attention to the smallest...



Makmel knots yacht club jewelry


Makmel knots yacht club jewelry


We all live in relationships, 

some of them  tight some of them loose some of them short And some are long relationships.

Relationships that are inherent in us or those that have swept us on into the journey of life.

The universe is constantly connecting us, to relationships of all kinds for his reasons.

Family, friendship, body-to-soul infatuation.


And that will remains a Mysterious to me and     

  Amazes me every single time ...



The Greek Medallion Collection

The Greek Medallion Collection


Come along with me, as I take you back in time to Ancient Greece with Makmels new Greek Coins Collection.  

The new collection is inspired by my family history, my travels around the world, places I have visited and my connection with the ocean. 

Just like treasures from the sea, the coins hold the power of mystery, each necklaces is special and unique. 


When I got pregnant with my baby girl I've stared thinking about my family history and our Greek roots, I thought about what will be the...

Winter Shades

makmel design - treasure - hand made -art jewelry
makmel design - treasure - hand made -art jewelry - skull ring
Boracay & Soki 
makmel design - treasure - hand made -art jewelry
makmel design - treasure - hand made - personalized jewelry
coffee on top of a roof in Amsterdam