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Mama Bangle- GoldFilled

Mama Bangle- GoldFilled

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The Mama Bangle is here to stay! Keep it close and flaunt it with style - you won't be able to get enough of this classic pearl bangle. Shine on, mama! :-)

You may choose to customize a happy word stamped on it or leave it plain.

Please let us know your word of choice by  leave us a NOTE TO SELLER or email us your word.

*Only one word can be stamped on*

 The pearls available is: 

Multi color/black iridescent,

coconut peach 


we use a 20k goldsmith goldfilled metal, a high quality that keeps on the gold color for years to come!



** Due to the natural imperfections of freshwater pearls (which makes them perfect in our eyes:-), there are slight variations in color and shape of every pearl **


XS is a baby size (7-8 cm)

S slim wrist (15-16)

M normal wrist (17-20)

L normal+ wrist (21-23)

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